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Kevin Donlin

Kevin Donlin

(Guest post by Kevin Donlin, Co-Creator of the Guerrilla Job Search System.)

“How can I find the best companies to work for?”

That’s a question most job seekers ask almost daily.

It’s hard to answer … because it’s the wrong question.

Here’s the real issue beneath that question: “I don’t want to have to think hard about finding the best companies to work for.”

Admit it. You — like me and all humans — hate to think.

It takes time. You have to pick and choose. You might make a mistake. And it can give you a headache.

But unthinking behavior is a sure way to stay unemployed.

So, let’s re-phrase the query, because a well-phrased question is half-answered.

If you’ve been job hunting for more than 4 weeks, ask this question instead: “What have I NOT been willing to do to find the best companies to work for?”

That’s better. And easier to answer. In fact, here 4 things you can do TODAY to find the best employers to work for …

1) Look at your connections on LinkedIn.  I mean really look. Pick 5 people 
     you admire, view their profiles, and look for the following:
    *  Where do they work now? (Could you work there?)
    *  Where did they work before? (Could you work there?)
    *  Who are their clients? (Could you work there?)
    *  Who are their competitors? (Could you work there?)
    *  Who are their vendors? (Could you work there?)

Do this for 5, 10, or more people, and you’ll surely find 5-20 prospective employers.

2) Make connections at your last employers.  Specifically, think about
     everyplace you’ve worked before. Now ask yourself the following questions:
    * Could you work there again? (Could you work there again? Don’t snicker —
        getting re-hired happens every day.)
    * Could you work for your former clients?
    * Could you work for your former competitors?
    * Could you work for your former vendors?

3) Find companies in the news.  Spend 15-20 minutes researching the
      Business section of your local newspaper, looking for fast, smart, growing
      companies. Can’t find any? Consider moving (or looking harder).

4) Ask 5 people you admire.  I saved this for last, but it really ought to
      come first. Because, the more conversations you have, the more people
      will know about your job search — and the faster you’ll get hired.  So, ask
      the 5 most connected people you know for advice.

Tip: Take them all out for coffee, bring a legal pad, take notes. In 30-45 minutes, you’ll surely come away with answers that will shorten your job search. Total cost: Less than $30.

[If you’re in the job market and want to try something new, you can see Guerilla Job Search secrets caught on video and learn more here.]


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